The Secret message in Obama’s Inaugural–WND Commentary

The Secret message in Obama’s Inaugural–WND Commentary


As a forensic profiler I read between the lines. I listen for a person’s unconscious mind to speak, not just their conscious words. In short we have had a breakthrough to the mind—to an unconscious super intelligence which always tells the truth. Malcolm Gladwell in his 2005 best-seller Blink described the discovery of a “dazzling new unconscious” mind which “quick-reads” ourselves and situations in the blink of an eye and guides us through instincts.

Clinical research beyond Blink revealed this new unconscious also speaks by secretly patterning repeat symbolic messages. For example, if Obama’s unconscious were confessing to a foreign birth he might repeat the story code in different ways of a “foreigner coming to America.” His super intelligence can repeat any specific confession in code—tell us if he is secretly a Muslim for example. It is similar (albeit unconscious) to how parents will consciously speak in code around their kids.

In five key Obama communications—particularly in his inauguration speech—he reveals a detailed unconscious confession to America of his deceptive plans. I described this in my recent book, The Obama Confession: Secret Fear, Secret Fury.

Keep in mind the super intelligence possesses a deeper moral compass—guilty people confess especially when they get around God. Obama did in his inauguration speech just after taking the presidential oath on Jan 20, 2009 with his hand on the same Bible that Lincoln used, looking the Chief Justice and the American people in the eye and most importantly God—swearing to his intentions and identity. It is the most unique moment in American presidential inauguration history—and totally apart from race.

First we must understand his deepest motivations. Key stories in his autobiography (and elsewhere) reveal his great secret: he was nearly aborted, in his words he was nearly a “slaughtered innocent.” He never recovered from the near-abortion terror that his father particularly wanted to destroy his life. As a child he learned this secret but kept it buried.

The inauguration speech confirms this powerful story with striking abortion images. He begins with a reference to a “borne sacrifice”—suggesting he existed to be immediately sacrificed. Later he speaks of tormentors “inducing terror and slaughtering innocents” underscoring again the constant terror that controls him.

This utter powerlessness led to enormous repressed fury, the real roots of his rage—far greater than any inherited “anti-colonial rage.” (Previously in Dreams from My Father Obama unconsciously describes himself—helpless humiliated children who take the short step to “violence” and “untrammeled fury.”)

Secretly furious with his father Obama misguidedly takes it out on America—referencing in his inaugural address “those who blame their ills on the West”

Now he unveils exactly how he expressed this fury at America. Again in his speech we see an immediate birth reference in the first sentence—he is “mindful of the sacrifices borne by our ancestors.” The crucial birth marker (“borne”) suggests “The Question”—where was he born? Did he sacrifice the constitutional birth requirements of our ancestors? He introduces the birth issue more overtly declaring, “Forty-four Americans have now taken the presidential oath.” But is he really an American?

Immediately he describes the unusual nature of his particular oath. It was taken under cloudy “raging storm” conditions implying he has just stormed violently and secretly against the oath—confessing he is not a legal president. Again, his self-description: “a raging storm.”

His sequence of ideas confirms the message. Now he proclaims America is in a crisis—at “war against a far reaching (foreign) network of violence and hatred”—again suggesting he has violently attacked the oath as a foreign citizen. He follows this with five references to the Constitution. Obama insists “We the People” have always lived by the Constitution—has been our way, must now be our way. Obama’s super intelligence in essence shouts “remember the Constitution” implying “I have just violated it—and created a constitutional crisis.”

Obama’s illegal presidency reflects his misguided fury—a way of attacking America’s constitutional foundation. We must constantly keep his rage in mind which he will express in multiple disguised ways.

The rest of the inaugural speech confirms his confession. He repeats the story of foreigners crossing oceans to come to America. He repeats references to America fighting wars with foreign enemies including the British on our soil. Obama mentions America taking in a stranger. He presents repeat violent images such as a house being destroyed by a storm (again Storm Obama) or a fire suggesting he attacked the White House, symbolic of the presidency.

Numerous other images suggest an ineligible president: taking shortcuts, back room deals that violate trust, the ground shifting beneath America, and clinging “to power through corruption and deceit and the silencing of dissent.” Phenomenally Obama will reference the Constitution innumerable times in his speech revealing a striking unconscious confession of violating it.

We find another key birth marker linked to two stories about his father, secretly about him. First, he notes people “watching today, from the grandest capitals to the small village where my father was born.” Here his super-intel confesses, “Everyone, see my journey from the small village in Africa where I was born to my presidency in this grand capital.”

Unconsciously he links this story to a compelling appeal to the Constitution: “Our Founding Fathers drafted a charter to assure the rule of law…Those ideals still light the world, and we will not give them up for expedience’s sake”—as he has just done.

Obama’s second father story was about how his foreign-born father in the past could not be served in a Washington D.C. restaurant— suggesting Obama cannot serve or be seated as an illegal president. Once again he links this story to a powerful constitutional reference: how all races should unite around our creed—“the price of citizenship.” His super intelligence confesses he lacks citizenship requirements—his illegal presidency is not about race.

He closes his inauguration speech with a powerful story. Obama begins with another major birth marker pointing once more to his foreign birth and long journey to America. He advises us, “Mark this [inauguration] day with remembrance, of who we are and how far we have traveled in the year of…birth.”

He then tells the story of America’s unforgettable fight at our founding with the foreign enemy, the British—unconsciously suggesting he is the “common danger,” the foreigner we must battle today. Then he dramatically insists that only the Constitution—our virtue, our guarantee of freedom—will keep America together. We must fight the foreign enemy—his illegal presidency—and guarantee our children’s children will be sustained by loyalty to the constitution, symbolic of America’s core foundation.

Consistent with an ongoing Alinsky-style secret attack from within, Obama unconsciously further predicts in his speech that he will attack America’s economic foundation. His criticism of the previous administration matched precisely his devastating economic policies—only worse.
He also secretly confessed that in his unconscious fury he would attack our national security. Obama predicts the ways he will use his energy will “strengthen our adversaries and threaten our planet.”
Other frightening images confirm the message, “nuclear threat, and… the specter of a warming planet” implying his decisions will heat up international tension making the world a far more dangerous place. This matches his scary confession in his earlier 2008 Fathers’ Day speech, “a world in grave danger because of what” he will do to the global political climate. How well these descriptions fit his enabling the rise of recent anti-American attacks in the Middle East, a nuclear Iran, and a weaker America.
Could Obama be this angry—this dangerous to America? The answer remains—he was that wounded, a “slaughtered innocent” from the get-go now filled with unimaginable rage.
But ever wise his super intelligence at his inauguration informs us in story form what must be America’s response,“Our challenges may be new (an illegal angry president)” but we meet them with “courage and patriotism.” His destructiveness will require the recognition “on the part of every American” that we have a “new era of responsibility” to our nation. We must all do our duty to the Constitution—“this is the price of citizenship.”