The Stockholm Syndrome President: How Trump Triggered Obama’s Hidden Confession

The Stockholm Syndrome President: How Trump Triggered Obama’s Hidden Confession

obama the stockholm syndrome presidentThe new book by Dr. Andrew G. Hodges has been published in a timely manner to coincide with the upcoming presidential election.

Forensic psychiatrist and profiler Dr. Andrew G. Hodges announces the release of his new eBook, The Stockholm Syndrome President: How Trump Triggered Obama’s Hidden Confession.

The book details how Hodges applies his cutting-edge forensic profiling method to uncover Obama’s confession to the world.  In previous books, Hodges has used this method to decode ransom notes and suspect statements in high-profile criminal matters including the O.J. Simpson case, the Jon Benét Ramsey murder and Natalie Holloway’s disappearance in Aruba.

In those cases, Dr. Hodges applied knowledge gained over decades as a therapist, the fact that human beings possess a brilliant unconscious which he calls the super intelligence. That often hidden, deeper intelligence reveals itself in the use of symbolic language, projections and stories which invariably point to the truth.

Now this new eBook outlines the psychiatrist’s psychological profiling of President Barack Obama in which Hodges decodes messages coming from Obama’s super intelligence.

Responding to a confrontation by GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump, Obama secretly reveals he is being controlled by radical Islam–an unconscious terrified Stockholm Syndrome victim. This explains, Hodges writes, why Obama refuses to use the term, “radical Islam.”

“Millions of Americans want to know why President Obama, endangering the entire world, continually favors radical Islam—for example, when he enabled the rise of ISIS and for Iran to soon manufacture nuclear bombs,” Hodges said. “Subconsciously, he revealed in his speeches on June 12 and June 14, that because of the horrific abuse he suffered as a child, he’s a programmed Stockholm Syndrome prisoner of Islamic terrorists and is under instructions to capitulate.”

Many have questioned the legality of Obama’s presidency, and Dr. Hodges’s profiling proves that there are good reasons for those questions. Furthermore, Hodges studies the motives behind mainstream media figures who have consistently ignored and bullied the people who have stood up to question Obama’s eligibility.

amazon buttonHodges decodes Obama’s specific confession deep down that he maximized his Stockholm Syndrome role to run as an illegal president, which directly assaulted America’s most basic foundation: the rule of law. As president, Obama has repeatedly threatened national security.

Though Obama will soon leave office, the psychiatrist believes that his influence will continue.

“The daily erosion of the Constitution and the rule of law that President Obama has set in motion over the last eight years is not slowing down,” Hodges said. “He plans to continue on as an unbelievably active ex-president. Obama’s super intelligence warns us that the America’s future depends on stopping the continued assaults on the rule of law.”

Obama’s confessing to America that he has created a crisis, in his words “doing the terrorists’ work for them” and predicting that “then the terrorists will win.” In order to free himself of his victimization as a youth Obama must tell this secret story, a story as regretful as it is revealing.

September 23, 2016