Dr. Hodges’ work has been recognized in the various fields where he has demonstrated the application of the super intelligence. The human mind operating on two levels remains the same from field to field. The super intelligence continually communicates whenever human intelligence operates. Such a breakthrough reveals a paradigm shift in knowledge in multiple fields. A new look at deeper motivation and communication sheds new light on psychotherapy, forensic profiling, politics, success psychology and spirituality.



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  • "Dr. Hodges has employed a sanctified imagination, rooted in the Gospels, to create a profile of the Word-made-flesh that is wholly reasonable, wholly honoring to the precious doctrine of the Incarnation."
    D. Bruce LockerbieChairman, PAIDEIA, Inc.
  • "It is as if God planned this book for this crucial moment in time. The Deeper Intelligence brings us face to face with reality—transcendent and profoundly temporal. [Hodges] addresses us with a healing message which is reconciling, restorative, and renewing."
    Dr. Richard C. HalversonChaplain, United States Senate
  • "Often the "message" people send is in code, best revealed when one is sensitive to it and willing to consider consistencies that allow insight into the subtle indications of the motivations that drive behavior."
    Neil S. Hibler, Ph.D., ABPP(Former) Special Agent, Air Force Office of Special Investigations (OSI)
  • Behind Enemy Lines delivers a tense account of an authentic drama of World War Two -- the story of one man’s moral courage and creative action in the face of daunting odds. The author brings verve, mixed with legitimate and endearing filial admiration, to the striking narrative of “Andy” Hodges’s heroic role in the exchange of POWs. A remarkable book.    
    Dr. Richard Carwardine, President, Corpus Christi College Oxford (England) Author of Lincoln: A Life of Purpose and Power [Lincoln Prize 2004]
  • “Superbly written and extensively researched Andy Hodges’ story recounts a compelling piece of military history.  It brings a human dimension to an underappreciated heroic episode to life. This informative, enjoyable and excellent work exemplifies a labor of love and courage one man had for his country.”
    Lt. Gen. Ronald L. Burgess Jr., former director of the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency (Currently Senior Counsel for National Security Programs, Cyber Programs and Military Affairs , Auburn University)
  • "As a former commander of the Army's Delta Force, I know the history of operating behind enemy lines because it was what we were trained to do. This book about a very special warrior, Andy Hodges, is a fascinating story of the courageous efforts to rescue POWs held by the Third Reich. Andy's story is one of great courage, risks, sacrifice, and commitment to a transcendent cause. He was a hero who risked his life to bring his fellow Americans home with honor."  
    Lt. Gen. William “Jerry” Boykin, former commander U.S. Army's Delta ForceAuthor of Never Surrender: A Soldier’s Journey to the Crossroads of Faith and Freedom

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